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This list was last updated: September 19, 2014
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Two Rivers Authority, Emerald Correctional Management Complete Operating and Management Agreements for Two Rivers Detention Facility

May 6, 2014 – Two Rivers Authority and Emerald Correctional Management, LLC, announced today that they have completed two agreements to bring the Two Rivers Regional Detention Facility into operation.

One agreement provides for the start-up phase, hiring, training and other start-up issues. The other agreement provides for Facility operation going forward after the initial start-up period. The two agreements are effective immediately.

Together, the two agreements provide for operational funding to Emerald, debt service to holders of the Senior Lien Project Revenue Bonds issued in 2006 to finance construction of the Facility and an administrative fee to Two Rivers Authority. The agreements also provide for funding of certain accounts to satisfy covenants of the Bond Agreement.

Emerald expects the start-up period to require five to six months, during which personnel will be hired for the appropriate positions. With the exception of certain healthcare sector jobs, Emerald expects the pay scale for Two Rivers Detention Facility employment to be above average for the Big Horn County area. Emerald Correctional Management expects to have management personnel in Hardin immediately to begin the hiring process. More than 200 people have already applied for jobs at the Facility.

During the start-up period, Two Rivers Authority and Emerald Correctional Management intend to solicit and secure housing contracts with third-party jurisdictions. Two Rivers Authority and Emerald Correctional Management have conducted preliminary discussions with numerous remanding jurisdictions. Two Rivers Authority and Emerald Correctional Management intend to pursue additional discussions regarding housing contracts with local, state and federal jurisdictions.

“Two Rivers Authority is immensely gratified to complete these agreements and bring the Facility into operation for its intended use,” said Jon Darr Matovich, Chairman of the Two Rivers Authority Board of Commissioners. “We persevered in the face of adversity to achieve the original goal of job creation and economic development in Hardin and Big Horn County. We look forward to cooperating with Emerald Correctional Management in securing housing contracts.”

The Two Rivers Regional Detention Facility is a 464-bed facility located in Hardin, Montana. It was designed and constructed to meet American Correctional Association standards for an Adult Local Detention Facility to house low-to- medium security inmates for up to 24 months.

Emerald Correctional Management, headquartered in Lafayette, Louisiana, now operates facilities with more than 4,500 beds in Arizona, Montana, New Mexico, Texas and Louisiana.